Who Are We?

Welcome, friends! This site is about us (Brodie and Kay Roman), and our personal quest for jolliness in our daily lives.

Topics we cover include:

  • Travel – We want to travel extensively and a major focus of our blog is realizing our travel dreams and sharing our adventures. We hope it will inspire others and provide some practical tips for manifesting their own travel goals as well.
  • Minimalism – Living happier by living small, including fun DIY projects.
  • Reno – We love our home city and want to promote local events, businesses, etc.
  • Positivity – Life isn’t always sunshine and rainbows, but a lot (some would say all) of your experience is under your control. We want to share our own takes on positive thinking, manifesting desires, and choosing to be jolly!

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Life is short. Be jolly!



Scholar, gentleman, bon vivant, lover of life and liver of love. I’m here to learn, to have fun, and to enjoy each moment as much as humanly possible. I love reading (particularly scif-fi and fantasy novels), writing, music, and travel, among other things. I’ve held a number of jobs over the years but my favorite so far is being husband to my amazing wife, Kay. I grew up about an hour south of Reno, NV and moved to Reno in 2000. I’ve lived a few other places as well but always return to the place I call home in Northern Nevada. I’m looking forward to sharing our adventures with you and wish you well in your own adventures!


Artist, traveler and positive thinker. A strong and sexy woman who’s not too cool to be silly. I love music, art, shopping, doing little DIY projects, travelling, and just generally having fun all the time. I was born and raised to ramble, having lived in five different states and attended 14 different schools growing up. I’ve lived in the Reno area since 2003 and consider Reno my home. Now I’m looking forward to travelling the world and experiencing all it has to offer! I hope you’ll follow us on our adventures and share your own travel stories and tips as well.