Las Vegas

Wow, the last few months went by fast! Despite taking our Las Vegas trip back in September, I’m going to post this now anyway. And I definitely have one tip that you need to know.


We only were there two nights, but trust me, it was totally worth the short trip! We stayed at Bally’s Hotel, not only one of the best deals we found on the strip but also one of the most centrally located hotels. It’s nearby Miracle Mile (which is a huge mall) and within walking distance of High Roller (a 550 foot tall ferris wheel), multiple amazingly elaborate casinos, night clubs, restaurants, and more.



If there was one thing I wish I knew when I arrived in Las Vegas, it’s that you can carry alcohol outside, legally, as long as it’s in a plastic cup! The first day we were there, we hopped around from casino to casino, taking in the architecture and enjoying how elaborate these places were. If I had known on day one that I didn’t have to worry about drinking my entire drink before moving on to the next place, as I am used to doing in Reno (due to strict open container laws), life would have just been easier all around.

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