Sometimes You Gotta Stop and Smell the Turd

Yes, that’s right. The turd you just stepped in or maybe the verbal turd that came out of your mouth when you were drunk or the emotional turd storm that life just dumped on you. Confront it. Deal with it. Take a deep whiff, fix what you can fix, apologize if need be, learn what you can, and wipe that shit off. Freaking out won’t help you. Throwing a fit or trying to justify your actions or asking “why me?” just makes you sound like an idiot. Deal with it and then let it go. You don’t need to hang on to your turds (or another person’s turds); they are in the past and they don’t smell any better with age. And remember that you can’t grow those pretty roses without fertilizing them with some turd from time to time.

Stay jolly!

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