Talk to 3 People You Don’t Know

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to strike up a conversation and try to introduce yourself to 3 people you don’t know within the next 24 hours. Maybe it’s the sweet but weird cat lady next door. Maybe it’s your postal carrier or garbage man. Maybe it’s a coworker you see nearly every day but haven’t made the effort to acknowledge their existence. Maybe it’s a total rando stranger. Just don’t make it weird, OK?

After you complete your mission, write down what happened, or better yet, post it in the comments. Did you learn something you never knew about this person? Did you make a new friend? Did they tell you to fuck off and ignore you? Good! We live in a world where we are more connected virtually than in real life. Make an effort to say “hi” IRL and you might be surprised (hopefully in a good way)! It’s a New Year so you may as well practice starting a new conversation and maybe even a new relationship with a living breathing human.

This message will not self destruct in ten seconds…

‘Til next time, keep it jolly!

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