We are Going to Europe

Almost 4 years from first meeting Brodie and over two ears married we speak about backpacking through Europe once every 6 months. It’s been one of those kind of dreams that we’ve always looked forward to and knew that it would happen at sometime. Well the thing about “sometime” is that unless you take action “sometime” might not happen at all. So after one night of drinks, which is the best time to talk about the future, we decided that this is the year! It makes the most sense for us. We don’t have any obligations but to one another, no mortgage to pay, or children, or animals. Just us. It’s time to dive into something that we always wanted. To backpack across Europe.

Now, this is pretty big! We will have a long journey ahead of us before we step on a plane. But for now I’m just doing some Googling on what to bring. Rain jacket or umbrella? After extensive research, and by that I mean three websites with other people’s opinions, I think I might take both. But it’s still early to determine.

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