The Stuff Checklist

It is now my goal to try not to buy anything that I will not be bringing to Europe. Our goal is to get rid of most of our stuff, and by this I mean like 50%-80%. Yes, we already are living a very simple life in our 391 square foot studio.  But why buy extra storage space for stuff we aren’t using when we are in Europe? And we are not sure where we are going to be living once we get back to the States. We will keep some basic items: a pan, a pot, some dishes, utensils, etc. Then once we know where we will settle down in the States we can buy furniture that will make sense for the space we will be living in.

This feels very liberating! Thinking about buying a new pair of gladiator sandals? Nope, not going to bring those. What about a new larger shelf since the current one is getting too full with books? Nope, I’m going to get rid of all those books before Europe now! All those projects I was thinking about doing are no longer needed.

Instead I’m spending my time making a list of things to bring. Mid-weight jacket, down puffy jacket, sweater, long sleeve button up, etc. I feel like I spend most of my time these days figuring out what to wear in Europe! This is giving me a little bit of a challenge because we are planing on traveling with smaller sized backpacks (something ranging between a 25-30 liter), which means that we can only bring so much. For example, shoes! I’m bringing two pairs of shoes. If I have to travel for three months with only two pairs of shoes, what are the two best, most versatile, and comfortable pairs of shoes I can travel with? (I think I’m going with Dr. Martens and a pair of Tieks, but please let me know if I’m making a terrible decision here).

But good thing is, if I’m only worrying about what my dream footwear could be when I’m traveling in Europe, then I feel like I’m a pretty lucky girl!

Stay Jolly!

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