We Bought Our Plane Tickets

Well, it’s official now! We bought our flights to Boston–where we’ll stay for a few days–and our tickets from there to London. It feels so real now that we have tickets in hand. We’ve got a lot to do to prepare in the next 5 months, and we’re hoping that writing about the process on our blog will help us stay focused, as well as help others achieve their own dreams of travelling overseas.

After researching online, the consensus seemed to be that reserving international flights about 5 to 6 months in advance was ideal. There are about a million different flight search engine services out there, and we’ve tried a bunch of them. Ultimately we found the best price through Google Flights, although everyone has different opinions on what search engines are best.

My advice is to try at least 3 or 4 sites and see which one gives the best price and is the easiest for you to use. Some search engines, including Google Flights, will allow you to save the flight details and get alerts on price changes so you can keep an eye on it over time to try to score the best deal. This article gives some great tips on getting the most out of Google Flights.

We are flying on Norwegian Air, which has great deals on international flights from the US to many destinations in Europe. They also give you a range of options so you can purchase as much or little as you need. For example, extra bags and meals are optional purchases. Since our goal is to travel light with backpacks, we opted out. As for meals, we can bring our own food on board that will be much more affordable. Best of all, it was a direct flight, so no layovers and less jet lag! Norwegian also has some nice features in their planes like extra legroom and fresh air in the cabin (rather than the recycled air on most flights).

We’re hoping that flying from the West Coast to the East Coast and staying there a few days will help with the jet lag as well as splitting up the length of travel. I’m excited to experience Boston as well, since I’ve never been there. We’re planning to take in a game at Fenway and see as many sights as we can while we’re there!

Your flight is probably the first and most important purchase you’ll make, and the most inspiring, too. The feeling of knowing you are actually going makes everything more real and more urgent. One advantage we have is that our travel plans are fairly open ended. We are planning to travel about 3 months, and we don’t need to buy a return flight just yet, which makes it easier to break up the purchases in more affordable chunks. Traditional travel “wisdom” holds that buying round trip fare is cheaper, but in our experience, and according to other sites out there like this one, this is simply not true.

It all started with the decision to go, no matter what. If you’ve always wanted to travel somewhere, you can make it happen. It comes down to deciding you want it more than the other things in your life that serve as excuses for why you can’t go. If other things in your life are truly more important than travel to you, that’s great and you should embrace it! Let go of your fantasy and focus your energy on those things instead. However, if you’re willing to sell your crap, leave your home, your job, your comfort zone, and go adventure, then you can absolutely do it!

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