Jolly Journeys – The Master Checklist

This will be our Master Checklist of all our “to-do’s” to make sure we are on the right track to make this trip happen! We will be updating live as we complete them or as we find new things that need to be done. Anything that is not completed will be colored in Deep Red and when it is completed it will be changed to Black.

The Master List

  • Buy Plane tickets (We wrote about it, click here)
    • Reno to Boston
    • Boston to London
    • Tickets back to the US
  • About traveling:
    • Make a list where we want to go
    • Do we need Eurail tickets? Yes!
    • Figure out where to stay in London (Airbnb
    • Plan for the first two weeks in Europe
    • How do we get to Amsterdam from London? – By ferry (bought ferry tickets)
  • Figure out what wifi service to use
  • Look up travelers insurance
  • Make a Go Fund Me (click here!)
  • Create something cool for a Booster
  • Sell Stuff
  • Pack everything we want to keep
  • Get Storage Shed
  • Give notice to employers
  • Forward mailing address
  • Sell car
  • Notify bank about traveling
  • Change out some currency before leaving
  • Decide what backpack to purchase 
  • Decide what to pack
  • Get passports
  • Bring passports!
  • Make copies:
    • Passports
    • License (keep copies and give copies to a family member)
  • Purchase list
    • Backpack X2
    • Toiletry bag X2
    • Large Pack-It cube X2
    • Bag for shoes X2
    • Silicone travel bottles for toiletries
    • Travel pillow X2
    • Travel towel X2
    • Tripod for phone
    • Travel clothing line to hang dry
    • Case for electronics/cords
    • Water bottles X2
    • Euro adapter plugs for power outlets
    • RFID protectors
    • B needs:
      • Pair of walking shoes/boots
      • Socks
      • 1 button up long sleeve shirt (everyday use)
      • 1 button up long sleeve shirt (dressy)
      • 1 button up short sleeve shirt (everyday use)
      • 1 pair wick dry jeans type pants
      • 1 pair wick dry golf pants/slacks
    • K needs: 
      • Mid weight jacket
      • Pair of walking shoes
      • Ballet flats
      • Socks
      • Larger purse
      • Travel journal
      • External hard drive



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