Help Us Live Our Dream!

Everyone has dreams. Some dreams are small, some are medium size, some are friggin’ huge crazy dreams that wring the world by it’s neck (if it had a neck) and change how people think, live, and treat each other.

Too often, these dreams are put on the back burner. They’re slowly crushed into dust under the soul-sucking “reality” of school, work, debt, life, drugs, whatever. We’re told we can’t do it, we shouldn’t do it, we should grow up, be responsible, buy a house, have kids, and work hard during all the best years of our life until maybe, just maybe, if we’re lucky and we save all our money and don’t get screwed by the elites running the stock market, we just might get to retire and then we can do a few things we actually want to do if we’re still in good enough health to do them…before we die.

OK that may be a little harsh. I know many amazing and wonderful people who have followed the path more traveled in the game of life and are very happy. More power to them! That’s great for those who want to do that. It’s just not for us. Call us weird, call us immature, call us spoiled entitled Millennials, but we’re not alone. We’re joining a whole community or counter-culture of people who have decided to stop deferring our dreams for later and start living them…now.

We’ve had this dream since we met and it’s one of the reasons we knew we should marry each other–because we shared this dream. We’ve talked about it, we’ve thought about it, we’ve mulled it and prodded and poked at it. Finally, this year, we decided we are doing it. No matter what, no excuses, no more “someday.”

Our dream consists of a simple 3 part plan:

  1. Be jolly (because it sounds more fun than “be happy”)
  2. Travel the world
  3. Spread jolliness worldwide

Sounds pretty great, right? We’re already doing pretty well on part 1. It’s items #2 and #3 that we need your help with, gentle reader.

We’re doing a lot to make this happen. We’re selling all our stuff, saving our money, working gigs on the side, blogging–heck, we might get a paper route or shine shoes if we have to.

But the fact is we need your help. Any amount helps. $1 helps. Help us live our dream and hopefully inspire yourself to live your own dream!

All funds will be used to help us travel the world, starting in Europe, since let’s face it, everyone wants to go to Europe (unless maybe you’re from Europe, in which case you probably want to go to the U.S. or New Zealand or China or something).

Why should you help us, you ask? First, because if we achieve all 3 parts of our plan, then the world will be a jollier place, and a little less shitty. There’s plenty of negativity, fear, sadness, and hate out there; someone’s got to fight the good fight! Second, because you’re a pretty good person and we’re pretty good people, too. We’re probably just like you other than all the differences between us. You’d probably like us and think we’re sweet. Because we are. We are freakin’ sweet! We’re jolly. We’re Romans. We’re Jolly Romans. Oh, and there’s some nice rewards, too (see below).

Share in our adventures and live vicariously through us while you start planning how to realize your own dream by visiting our blog at! You can also learn more about who the hell we think we are and find some tips to maximize jolliness in your daily life.

We thank you. We appreciate you. We believe in you.

Stay jolly, friends!

Reward Levels

Bronze Level for Donating $25

You get a special thank you postcard written out by the Romans from wherever we are in the world. (100 available).

Silver Level for Donating $50

You will receive the above, AND a 8X10 print titled “Blue Sky” which was created by the artist Kay Roman. Click here to view. Print will be shipped out once we return in December. (50 available).

Gold Level for Donating $100

You will receive BOTH of the above, AND the print will also be placed in a 11X14 frame with a matte, for easy display. Click here to view. Will be shipped out once we return in December. (25 available).

Platinum Level for Donating $500

You will receive ALL of the ABOVE, AND we will write a poem specifically for you and recite it on a Youtube video so the world will know of your generosity. Again print with frame will be shipped out once we return in December. (10 available).

These can only be obtained by going to our GoFundMe page and donating. Please click on the GoFundMe image bellow to get these cool prize levels or to donate as much as you can. Please feel free to also share with others on Facebook and so on to help support Jolly Romans and spread the jolliness!



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