Get Your Limited Edition T-Shirt

You can now help the Jolly Romans, and yourself, by purchasing this awesome one of a kind t-shirt!


We created a Booster, which is a donation platform. We designed this t-shirt for you, and to help us! There are four different styles ranging from $17-$25. All funds raised will go to helping support as we backpack through Europe. Every Booster shirt is made by CustomInk which provides great-looking, no hassle custom printing, guaranteed. You can check out CustomInk HERE, and Booster HERE.

This t-shirt was created using one of Kay Roman’s art pieces, entitled “Blue Skies.” This simple paper airplane, which has a jet-like exhaust, symbolizes that a small idea can have tremendous momentum. It may look like just a little ol’ paper airplane but it’s powered by the pure “jet fuel” of imagination and creativity.


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