Taking That First Step

One more week till we leave on our big adventure and one more day working at our jobs and it all still doesn’t feel real. I’m sure it will kick in once we step off the airplane in another country, but we have come this far already and there is no going back.

Of course you have to put in the effort to achieve your goals, but deciding and taking that first step to our goal was the game changer. By deciding we were able to plan, and make sure it actually happened! For me that’s the hardest part, the deciding and then taking that first step in doing it. Whatever that it may be for you. Once we did this we felt a mental shift, it changed from “this might be cool one day”, to “this is actually going to happen”.

Taking that leap might be scary at first, you might second guess yourself, and heck we aren’t even there yet to see if this was a good decision or not. But we are just happy that we were able to take that first step, and of course the next, and the next, to something that we always dreamed of doing. We decided to make that dream into a reality and we encourage and hope that you do the same.

Life is about creating you and what surrounds you. So go out and start creating! It just takes that first step…

Be jolly!


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